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Brand Story - Year 2006

Our company's founder, Mr. Tee Fook How, graduated from the University of Malaya (UM) in 2006 with a degree in Computer and Information Science, specializing in web coding and systems. In a chance encounter, he came across a book that changed his destiny - "The Biography of Masayoshi Son: Dreaming Big in the Internet Age."

In a small passage of the book, Masayoshi Son's decision to invest in an internet company, Alibaba, in just six minutes intrigued him, prompting him to research Jack Ma and Alibaba. The story of Jack Ma, with his motto "Make it easy to do business anywhere," deeply influenced him. He too aspired to establish a world-class company and become a great figure, helping small and medium-sized enterprises succeed.

In early 2007, eager to embark on a career in the internet industry, he collaborated with a well-known magazine company, G Corporation, in Johor Bahru to create an online advertising platform, G365. However, after the website went live and sales began, G Corporation claimed 100% ownership of the website, leaving him merely as a commission-based agent. This led to an immediate fallout between them.

Subsequently, he decided to start his own business to fulfill his dreams. In June 2007, he founded NEWPAGES®, opening a new page for every enterprise on the internet, helping small and medium-sized businesses achieve growth in performance.

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